Membership Terms & Conditions

The UFirst (“Programme”) is a Programme conducted and operated by Perodua Sales Sdn. Bhd. (“Company”).

These terms & conditions shall be applicable and binding on all types of the Programme membership, including any co-branding arrangement with our respective partners.

  1. Eligibility and Membership Application
    1. The UFirst membership is free and open to all individual who fulfill the following criteria:
      1. Malaysian citizen and/ or non-citizen residing in Malaysia
      2. Aged 18 years old and above
    2. The membership account is not transferable to another individual.
    3. The membership is categorized to these following membership type, subject to the criteria of the applicant:

      No. Criteria Membership Type
      1.3.1 Perodua’s owner MyPassport
      1.3.2 Perodua’s driver
      1.3.3 Family group MyFamily
      1.3.4 Company which own a Perodua car Fleet
      1.3.5 Drive a registered Perodua company car
      1.3.6 Perodua staff Team
      1.3.7 Not owning a Perodua car Fan
      1.3.8 Not owning a car

    4. Perodua has the right to add other membership type in the future without any prior notice.
    5. For MyPassport membership who has sold his/her Perodua Car and/or has been disauthorized as the driver of Perodua car, the membership type will automatically be changed to Fan.
    6. For UFirst Fan Membership who buy Perodua car and update his/her car information in the membership, his/her membership status will be upgraded as MyPassport.
    7. Perodua employees that join this loyalty program, in the event that he/she already resigns from the company, their account status from Team will be migrated to MyPassport or Fan membership.
    8. The applicant who wish to be a member of UFirst can register the membership by:
      1. Submit the application online via registration on www.UFirst.com.my; or
      2. Download the UFirst Mobile Apps; and
      3. Register at our authorized Perodua outlet.
    9. Perodua management shall not be held responsible for the form submitted online which fails to reach the processing officer for whatever reason, including server down or technical glitches. Applicants are advised to contact Perodua for verification or confirmation. It is the individual’s responsibility to fill in the registration forms accurately and to provide detailed information.
    10. One (1) individual (per IC Number) is entitled to one (1) membership ID only regardless of the number of Perodua car he/she owns and the same Perodua car can only be registered under one (1) membership only at any one time.
    11. Perodua may at its sole discretion reject any application of membership and/or revoke any membership in the event the applicant failed to comply with the terms and conditions stated herein. Perodua reserves the right to terminate any membership if details provided by the applicant are found to be incorrect.
    12. Whilst the application for the Membership under UFirst is open to all customer, Perodua reserves the right to reject any registration and/or to decline any registration for the Membership at our sole and absolute discretion without assigning any reasons whatsover, and our decision shall be final and conclusive.
    13. Each successful applicant will get an UFirst ID which will carry their profile details, accumulated point, vouchers and any other items which available.
    14. The member is required to update the latest information of his/her details. The company shall not be liable for any claims, demands, liabilities or actions arising out of or in connection with the Programme where such claims, demands, liabilities or actions would not have arisen but for the member’s failure to notify the Company of such changes.
    15. Perodua UFirst has the right to relegate inactive members if there is no activity within thirty six (36) months. Reactivation need to be done in activating back the accounts to be eligible for collecting points.
  2. Membership Criteria
    1. MyPassport
      1. Members own a Perodua car: or.
      2. Members drive a Perodua car which is registered to an immediate family member, “immediate” refers to spouse(s), father or mother, children and siblings.
      3. There is no limit of car to be registered under MyPassport.
    2. U-Premium
      1. MyPassport or Team membership who subscribes for U-Premium.
    3. MyFamily
      1. To join MyFamily group, user need to be registered as a UFirst member.
      2. Relationship which are allowed for family membership are:
        • Husband
        • Wife(s)
        • Children
        • Parents
        • Siblings
      3. The number of members required to create MyFamily are at least 2 members and not more than 5 members.
      4. MyFamily membership shall have an admin and family members.
      5. Transfer of point is allowed under MyFamily membership, except Fan membership. (refer item 7 on the transfer of point).
      6. Upon exiting a MyFamily Group, members are not allowed to join other MyFamily Group for 30 days period. Perodua UFirst has the right to change the suspension period in the future without prior notice.
      7. Perodua has the right to dismiss the group created if there is a breach of the terms and conditions or probable misuse by the group members.
    4. Fleet
      1. Open to all registered companies which own and drive a Perodua car.
      2. There is no limit of car to be registered under fleet membership.
      3. Fleet category shall not be entitled for point rewards but eligible for a special offer for Fleet membership only.
    5. Team
      1. Only applicable to confirmed staff of Perodua and Perodua Authorized Dealer.
      2. Upon Staff resignation, membership type shall be converted to MyPassport or Fan.
      3. Each staff is under obligation to not disclose any information pertaining Perodua or UFirst program.
    6. Fan
      1. Members that do not own a Perodua car
      2. Members that do not own a car.
      3. Upon purchasing a new Perodua car, Fan membership will automatically be converted to MyPassport.
    7. U-Premium
      1. This benefit is an exclusive offer by UFirst and can be enjoyed by member’s that receive a special invitation only.
      2. A Member shall only hold one program/membership at a time. If member is under Perodua Circle membership, he/she needs to resign from the membership and convert or register to U-Premium at no costs to enjoy the benefits of U-Premium provided that the conversion to U-Premium shall be made during promotional period.
      3. Subscription of U-Premium is on an annually renewable basis upon receipt of renewal fees due. Subscription renewal is subject to special invitation from UFirst.
      4. Subscription of u-Premium is not transferable.
      5. Subscription fees are not refundable.
      6. Perodua reserve the absolute rights to decline and revoke any subscription with prior notice and the decision is final.
  3. Proof and Authentication
    1. Upon completed registration in joining the Program, a membership confirmation will be provided.
    2. For any authentication of membership, all authorized participated Perodua outlet shall verify through:
      1. System lookup – 16 digits of UFirst Membership Number, I/C or Passport number, and car registration number
      2. E-card – Can be viewed through UFirst mobile app and website.
      3. Physical card – Will be issued upon request. Perodua has the right to charge fees to member for the card issuance.
  4. Membership Information and Privacy Policy
    1. By signing up for UFirst, you represent that all the information or personal data provided for this purpose is true, accurate and complete. The information here refers to all the required information in UFirst’s online registration form.
    2. UFirst members also acknowledge and agree that by becoming a member, Perodua may process your personal data for purpose of sharing, transferring, retrieving, updating on our services, surveys, contest, promotions and other business activities that may occur between Perodua and each of their respective related corporations subsidiaries, agents, representatives or business partners within and beyond Malaysia, and that you have read, understood and consented to the processing of your personal information for the purposes of the same and accept all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and in connection with your Membership under UFirst.
    3. You must use all reasonable efforts to keep your username and password confidential.
    4. You are solely responsible for each and every access or use of the Sites that occurs in conjunction with use of your username and password and you must not allow any third party to access the Sites using your username and password and make use of the Sites on your behalf.
    5. You must notify UFirst in writing as soon as you become aware of any unauthorized use of your Member Account, username or password.
    6. UFirst is not responsible for any harm that you or any person may suffer as a result of a breach of your confidentiality in respect of your use of UFirst or Perodua website.
    7. While UFirst and Perodua have taken precautions to protect information that you transmit to the website over the internet, UFirst and Perodua do not warrant the security of that information. Once information is received, UFirst and Perodua will take reasonable steps to preserve the security of that information.
  5. Membership Validity
    Membership validity period is equivalent with points, if there is no transaction made during the thirty-six (36) months, the membership status will be relegated as inactive. Upon being inactive, account reactivation can be done by doing any transaction or engagement with Perodua. Terminated membership cannot be re-activated. Termination can happen through Perodua’s doing or by death of members.
  6. Reward Program/Points
    1. Points will be given and recorded under Member’s passport, for any purchases, services and spending that is made through our authorized participated Perodua outlet. Some points are free, not through purchases; it can be collected through Perodua customer engagement activities and campaign that was held at the time. Point will be updated in the system (via website or mobile apps) within 7 working days, which is subject to system capabilities. In the event of any arising dispute or missing transaction, members shall notify UFirst admin in writing with a proof of transaction for further investigation.
    2. UFirst’s have two (2) point value systems, which are:
      UKoin UKredit
      1. UKoin is points collected through member’s spending and activities with Perodua. Points’ collection commences from 1 August 2015 onwards. 1. UKredit may be in the form of e-voucher to obtain service discount or to purchase selected items from Perodua.
      2. How to earn UKoin:

      Transaction/Activities UKoin
      New Car Purchase 4,000
      Service (minimum RM10)* Up to 1,000
      Registration/Activation via Mobile Apps 200
      QR Code Campaign Depends on campaign
      Extra points may be made available during special campaigns
      2. During promotional period, members may use their UKoin to redeem for UKredit, subject to the terms and conditions of the campaign.
      3. UKoin can be used to redeem items, activities/contest, vouchers or UKredit. 3. UKredit cannot be transferred to another person, vehicles, exchangeable with cash or other items. Exception is made for the usage during Perodua campaigns.
      4. UKoin cannot be transferred to another person, vehicle or exchangeable with cash. 4. The validity period for each UKredit may vary from 1 to 12 months.
      5. UKoin will remain valid for 3 years from the last date of transaction. 5. UKredit amount will be reflected in members’ MyPassport from September 2015 onwards.
      6. UKoin will be reflected in members’ MyPassport from September 2015 onwards.
      In the event that there is a new campaign or additional/removal of activities for Rewards Program or Redemption, Perodua has the right to make the changes if needed from time to time.
    3. Point reward, excluding for new car purchase points, will only be awarded to member who already activated their UFirst account.
    4. UKoin validity period may vary based on scenario, which are:
      1. For active members, UKoin shall expire after thirty six (36) months from the last transaction made by members. In the event that the points collected was not redeemed by a member, there is no active transaction recorded within the validation period, it will be automatically expired and deducted from Member’s Account.
      2. For members that was pre-registered by Perodua but member did not activate their account within 12 months from the pre-registered date, point reward will be deducted from Member’s Account due to account inactivity. For those who do not activate within that period, deduction of point reward will be implemented on 1/11/2017 onwards.
    5. UKredit validity period may vary from 1 to 12 months from the issuance date, based on campaign basis.
    6. UFirst activities, UKoin rewarding and credit are:
      No Transaction/ Activities Description UKoin Effective Date Date Credited
      1. New Car Purchase New Perodua car purchase at Perodua authorized outlet 4,000 1/8/2015 September 2015 onwards
      2. Service (minimum RM10) Service Perodua car at Perodua authorized outlet Up to 1,000 1/6/2016
      3. Early Bird Registration between 1/8/2015 – 31/12/2015 1,000 1/8/2015
      3. Registration & Activation via Mobile Apps Registration and activation of UFirst membership via 200 17/8/2015

      All other transaction/activity will be updated from time to time.
    7. Perodua has the right to deduct points from members’ account, given the following circumstances:
      1. Any points suspected to be fraudulently awarded; or
      2. Any points mistakenly awarded by UFirst system.
    8. In case of any point deduction(s) implemented under clause 6, Perodua’s decision is final and Perodua will not entertain any dispute or complaint raised on the point deduction.
  7. Transfer of Points
    1. Reward points shall only be transferable within MyFamily membership category and it can only be done by member within the group which is appointed as “Sender”.
    2. Point transfer is not allowed for Fan membership category but Fan membership may receive points that were transferred to them.
    3. Point Transfer limit are:
      Points Max Transferred / Day Max Received / Day Require Approval from Perodua HQ
      UKoin 5000 10,000 >10,000

      Perodua has the right to change the maximum transfer or receive amount if necessary
    4. Changes in the membership category will not affect the existing points earned by the members.
  8. U-Voucher
    1. The U-Voucher awarded to customer is personalized for a particular car registration number only and cannot be used for other car registration number.
    2. U-Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or any other products in kind and is non-refundable.
    3. Validity of U-Voucher is as per the validity date mentioned on the U-Voucher. Any expired U-Voucher will not be replaced.
    4. The value of U-Voucher is valid only for transactions in Ringgit Malaysia.
    5. If the value of the goods and or services exceeds the awarded sum, then the difference will be borne by the customers.
    6. If the value of the goods and or services is less than the awarded sum, no refund will be entertained.
    7. U-Voucher is valid to be used at all Perodua Authorized Service Centre only and is not valid to be used at Perodua showroom.
    8. The redemption of U-Voucher is subject to further conditions stated in each U-Voucher. Some of the U-Voucher may require a minimum spending in order to redeem the U-Voucher.
    9. The color of the U-Voucher in the system will be turned grey once it is redeemed. The processing time for the U-Voucher to change the color is within 24 – 72 hours after the redemption is made.
    10. Perodua has the right to reject any U-Voucher redemption which does not conform to these Terms and Conditions.
    11. Perodua reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions and/or substitute or replace the U-Voucher with another product of equivalent value from time to time without any prior notice.
  9. Redemption
    1. General Regulation
      The redemption of UKoin and UKredit is subject to the following general regulations:
      1. Redemption of UKoin and UKredit is open to all UFirst active members with a sufficient amount of points in the Member’s passport. Request for redemption by members with insufficient points will not be processed.
      2. Redemption can be made via UFirst website and or UFirst mobile app as determined by Perodua. Perodua reserves the right to decline any redemption made through any other channel without prior notification to UFirst member.
      3. Points will be deducted from Member’s passport once redemption order is received and processed by Perodua. The number of points deducted will be based on the number of points required to redeem the redemption Gifts. At any point of time, Perodua reserves the right to adjust the number of points required to redeem the said Gifts.
      4. For any redemption, only points are accepted for each transaction. Redemption through a mixture of cash and points shall not be allowed.
      5. Redemption order once approved, processed and delivered cannot be cancelled, revoked, returned and/or exchanged. The affected points will not be reinstated to Member’s passport. However, any cancellation or exchange of Gifts can be done prior to the approval and delivery of the Gifts. For any successful cancellation, credit note will be issued to the respective member and the points will be reinstated to Member’s passport.
      6. For any successful redemption transaction, the tax invoice will be issued to the member via email (as per specified by the member in delivery info section).
      7. For any unsuccessful transaction, points will be credited back to the Member’s passport.
      8. All redemption Gifts is subject to the stock availability and any restrictions may apply as to where and when the rewards can be redeemed. Perodua reserves the right to remove any redemption Gifts from the UFirst redemption catalogue with or without prior notice to the members.
      9. Perodua reserves the right to replace, change or substitute any of the redeemable Gifts of approximate or equivalent under UFirst redemption with or without prior notice to the members.
      10. Perodua’s failure to enforce particular Terms and Conditions regarding the points and/or under the UFirst Program does not constitute a waiver of those Terms and Conditions by Perodua.
      11. Member is not allowed to reserve Gifts. The redemption item is based on stock availability and on first come first serve basis.
      12. The delivery of the Gifts is subject to the shipment area covered by logistic company that currently Perodua work with. In the event that the Gifts are unable to be delivered due to the address is not covered in the logistic company’s shipment area, member will be notified by Perodua on the circumstances. Perodua shall do the best effort to deliver the Gift to members.
      13. Perodua reserve the right to reject the redemption order made under the following circumstances:
        • The points used to make a redemption is suspected to be fraudulently awarded; or
        • The point used to make redemption is mistakenly awarded by UFirst system
        • The redemption order made by a member, in which the quantity of the redemption Gifts (of the same item code) ordered is more than allowable limit per member
    2. Redemption Gifts
      1. The redemption Gifts will be featured in the UFirst redemption catalogue and the Gifts could be in the form of merchandize and physical voucher or e-voucher format “Vouchers”.
      2. The following terms describe in detail the Terms and Conditions that applies to Gifts in the form of Vouchers:
        • Certain Vouchers are valid for use only at participating outlets which are Perodua and/or Partners as mentioned in the vouchers and only for the specific matters mentioned therein.
        • The validity of the Vouchers is subject to the date specified in the vouchers and if the Vouchers remain unused after the specified date ended, the Vouchers will lapse and will not be replaced.
        • Member may be requested to present their Identification Card/Passport, original Voucher and UFirst e-card upon redemption at the selected participating outlets or Suppliers.
        • Only original Vouchers will be accepted unless it is specified otherwise. Perodua and/or Partners will not accept damaged, defaced or photocopied Vouchers.
        • The usage of the Vouchers is subject to the Terms and Conditions as per determined by Perodua and/or Partners (which include booking requirements, cancellation, restrictions, warranties and limitations of liability) therein. In the event the booking or reservation is required, the member is responsible for notifying and making the reservation and or booking to the respective Suppliers either Perodua and/or Partners. Issuance of the Vouchers does not constitute reservation.
        • In the event that the Voucher is in the form of cash vouchers, the member will have to bear the difference between the purchase price of goods or services and the Voucher face value. If the purchase amount is less than the Vouchers value, the difference will not be paid out to recipient.
        • Cancellation of Vouchers will not be accepted for purpose of reinstatement of Points and neither the Vouchers are refundable nor exchangeable for cash.
        • Perodua and/or Partners also reserves the right to decline the Vouchers if found to be forged, tampered, expired and the Voucher details do not match the recipient's Identification Card or UFirst My Passport number.
        • Perodua will not be held responsible or liable whatsoever in the event the Suppliers refuse to accept the Vouchers issued by Perodua for the purpose of redeeming the Gift. Any disputes arising from this are solely between the member and respective Partners.
        • Perodua and/or Partners will not replace lost, stolen, damaged and expired Vouchers.
        • For redemption of vouchers with activities either indoor or outdoor activities, Perodua will not be held responsible for any damage or injury or casualty or any outcome suffered by members as a result of members participation in such activity. Members are strongly advised to adhere to safety precautions and instructions when participating in the activities.
      3. Perodua gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the Gifts or its suitability for any purpose. Perodua shall not be responsible for any defect or deficiency in the goods or services supplied to member by any Suppliers.
      4. Any dispute concerning goods or services received shall be settled between the Member and the Suppliers and/or Partners who supplied the goods or services. Perodua will not bear any responsibility for resolving such disputes.
    3. Delivery and Charges
      1. Perodua will endeavor to deliver the redeemed Gifts to members within 2 to 4 weeks upon receiving the redemption request from the member.
      2. The Gifts will be posted or delivered (at Perodua’s option), to the current address of the member as per specified in the delivery info section. Perodua will not deliver the redeemed Gifts to PO Box addresses and addresses outside Malaysia.
      3. Member are encouraged and advised to examine the delivered Gifts upon receipt. If a member finds the Gifts damaged and or faulty, member is requested to contact UFirst administrator at UFirst@perodua.com.my or 03-6092 8888 (Extension: 3274) for further action within 3 days from the date of receipt. Any request, disputes or complaint received after the said three (3) days will not be entertained.
      4. The amount of points required for redemption for each Gift is inclusive of courier charges and Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 6% (applicable for Gifts chargeable for GST only) and Admin Fees. In some circumstances, Perodua will deduct the Points from member’s My Passport to bear the cost of courier, the circumstances are:
        • Re-delivery of Gifts that have been returned to Perodua as a result of being unclaimed; or
        • Re-delivery of Gifts that have been returned to Perodua as a result of exchange of Gifts. However, if the Gift is faulty Perodua will bear the cost of re-delivering a new similar gift; or
        • Re-delivery of Gifts that have been returned under the following circumstances i.e. incomplete address, incorrect address, P.O Box addresses, non-Malaysian address , ‘person has shifted’, ‘no such person’ or any other failed delivery reasons.
      5. The Gifts are to be delivered by Perodua. In the event that the Gifts was collected at Partner’s outlets and/or courier service outlets and/or Perodua outlet, Perodua will not refund any delivery charges nor reinstate points that have been deducted for delivery.
  10. Terms of Payment
    1. The Buyer shall be entitled to make payment for the Goods pursuant to the various payment methods set out in UFirst’s website. The terms and conditions applicable to each type of payment, are as contained in UFirst’s website.
    2. In addition to any additional terms contained in UFirst’s website, the following terms shall also apply to the following types of payment:
      1. Credit Card
        Credit Card payment option is available for all Buyers. UFirst accepts all Visa and MasterCards, both Credit and Debit, and is 3D Secure (Verified by Visa, and MasterCard Secure) enabled. All your credit card information is protected by means of industry- leading encryption standards. Please take note that additional charges may be incurred if you are using a non-Malaysian issues card due to Foreign Exchange.
      2. Debit Card
        UFirst accepts all Malaysian Visa and MasterCard debit cards where subject to bank availability. All debit card numbers shall be protected by means of industry-leading encryption standards.
      3. Online Banking
        • By choosing this payment method, the Buyer shall transfer the payment for the Goods to a UFirst’s account for the total amount of the Buyer’s purchase (including any applicable taxes, fees and shipping costs). The transaction must be payable in Ringgit Malaysia. UFirst, in its sole discretion, may refuse this payment option service to anyone or any user without notice for any reason at any time.
        • For the time being, UFirst accepts online bank transfers from AmBank, Bank Islam, CIMB Bank, Hong Leong, Maybank, Public Bank, RHB and etc.
  11. UFirst Partners Mechanism
    The Program will collaborate with other loyalty program in order to provide more privilege to UFirst’s member. The joint loyalty program would allow members to redeem our business partner’s loyalty points into Perodua’s cash or discount voucher, or in terms of rebate which is redeemable for any transaction at Perodua service center. Under this collaboration, the redemption of points cannot be combined (either fully or partly) with the current existing discounts and promotions unless it is allowed under the term and condition of the promotional campaign. Announcement of Perodua business partners will be made from time to time by Perodua.
  12. Other Features
    1. Test Drive E-Booking
      1. This feature is made available in mobile app only.
      2. Test drive request is only made available for:
        • Malaysian with valid IC; or
        • Non-Malaysian with a valid international driving license.
      3. Upon booking submission of test drive request:
        • Requestor agree that his/her data will be processed by Perodua; and
        • Requestor will be contacted by their preferred test drive outlet within 2 working days from request date via phone call or via email.
      4. Perodua reserves the right not to process test drive booking request under the following circumstances:
        • The personal details sent is suspected to be inaccurate; and
        • Uncontactable for several attempts.
      5. Perodua should not be made accountable in the event of any delay or unavailability of test drive if there are:
        • Unplanned system or network issue; or
        • System maintenance; or
        • Unavailable of car model due to unforeseen issues at Perodua outlet.
      6. For any event occurred during test drive, the respective Perodua outlet should be accountable, not Perodua Headquarter.
    2. Perodua Auto Assist
      Perodua Auto Assist SOS Button is brought to you by Perodua Total Protect Plus (Motor Insurance & Auto Assist) and provided to all Perodua owners especially those who are insured their Perodua cars with Perodua Total Protect Plus. The usage of this service is subject to the terms and conditions set out herein. You (Perodua owners and authorized driver) acknowledge and agree that you have read and fully understood all these terms and conditions.
      1. Auto Assist Member
        • Membership period shall be for the period of twelve (12) months, commencing from the date the vehicle is first registered with the Road Transport Department or upon insurance renewal at Perodua authorized branches and dealers only.
        • Members will be able to enjoy the Perodua Auto Assist benefits within the membership period. No membership fee will be due from the Members to Perodua Auto Assist.
        • The benefits follow the registered vehicle and not the members. In the event the vehicle was sold, Perodua Auto Assist membership is still valid until insurance expiry date.
        • Non-Members shall only be entitled to the emergency towing services provided that the vehicle is towed to Perodua authorized service centres. The charges for towing services shall be borne by the Non-Members. Non-Members shall not be entitled to any other benefits under the Perodua Auto Assist program.
      2. Scope of services:
        • Owner or authorized driver are required to fill in Vehicle Authorization & Acceptance Form (VAAF) given by Perodua Auto Assist panel assistance before proceed towing the affected vehicle to Perodua authorized service centre or body and paint centre. The form must be signed by the owner or authorized driver of the vehicle and tow truck operator. Each party will be given a copy of the duly signed VAAF for their records.
        • Perodua Auto Assist shall provide emergency towing services (breakdown and accident) to Members up to a limit agreed and for Non-Members the costs will be borne by them.
        • In the event the Member specifically requests his or her vehicle to be repaired other than Perodua authorized service centre or body and paint centre, Perodua Auto Assist shall require the Member to sign VAAF and write a remark if any.
      3. Breakdown Services
        • In the event of a breakdown, Perodua Auto Assist shall, upon notification by the member, make all arrangements to have the member’s motor vehicle repaired at the scene of the breakdown. If the repairs are major and cannot be done at the scene of the breakdown, Perodua Auto Assist shall, with the consent of the Member have the motor vehicle towed to the nearest Perodua authorized service centre.
        • ERC shall provide free towing services up to a limit of Ringgit Malaysia Three Hundred (RM300.00) only for each breakdown to the nearest Perodua authorized service centre. Any excess amount shall be paid by the Member.
        • In the event that the Member specifically requests his vehicle to tow other than Perodua authorized service centre (external workshop), Perodua shall require the Member to sign VAAF and write a remark if any. No towing charges applicable to members up to limit agreed.
        • Owner or authorized driver shall be responsible to check the contents of the car prior to the towing and to accompany the tow truck operator or repairer while the motor vehicle is being towed.
        • For assistance requiring Perodua Auto Assist to make purchases e.g. new tyre, electrolyte, fuel etc. or incur expenses such as tyre patching, delivery services etc. The costs shall be borne by the member and non-member. Member’s vehicle must have necessary tools (for changing tyre) in order for Perodua Auto Assist to deliver the service. In the event where roadside assistance could not be provided, Perodua Auto Assist shall provide free towing services up to a limit of Ringgit Malaysia Three Hundred (RM300.00) to nearest authorized service centre.
        • The members shall be charged for labour charges if the assistance requires Perodua Auto Assist to use special skills, special tools or to make additional trips to the nearest available authorized Perodua service centre in order to solve the problem upon request and/or agreement by the member.
        • Perodua Auto Assist shall not provide free towing service on the following breakdown problems:
          • Any act of god;
          • Mechanical breakdown due to lack of oil, water or leaving the ignition keys accidentally in the car;
          • Default or malfunction of the accessory such as thev wiper lights/ power window/ central locking system/ alarm system/ petrol gauge
          • Wrong filling of fuel in the fuel tank;
          • Theft recovery;
          • Breakdown happened at parking areas such as basement car park, drain, river, beach, muddy area, divider, stuck in pothole or places that would be difficult for Perodua Auto Assist to perform the towing services;
          • Towing from a workshop to another workshop.
      4. Accident Services
        • Upon notification by the Member of any accident involving the Member’s Perodua vehicle, Perodua Auto Assist shall:
          • If necessary, to make immediate arrangements to tow and/or to repair the member’s motor vehicle at authorized Perodua body and paint centre. Perodua Auto Assist shall require Member to sign VAAF prior to towing the vehicle back to authorized Perodua body and paint centre;
          • b) Member who is involved in minor accident cases such as the tyre being stuck in a pothole, drain, mud or if the vehicle hit the road divider. These services will be provided by Perodua Auto Assist and any cost involved thereto shall be borne by the Member.
      5. Replacement of non-warranted battery
        • Perodua Auto Assist shall arrange where necessary, for a new battery to be delivered to the scene of the breakdown and provide installation services to the member. The cost of the battery (depending on the brand and type) shall be borne by the member at prevailing market price. The warranted battery provided must be from same supplier with PSSB to avoid quality of issue and undisputed warranty.
      6. Non-insurance accident repair claim
        • In the event of accident, Perodua Auto Assist shall provide free towing services up to a limit of One Hundred Ringgit Malaysia (RM100.00) to the nearest Perodua authorized service centre if the collision repairs are not subject to an insurance claim.
        • The reimbursement for the towing services shall be applicable only when the vehicle is repaired at Perodua authorized service centre only.
        • The reimbursement shall be applicable to the member subject to the following conditions being fulfilled:
          • Perodua Repair Order;
          • Claim Form (in the format to be agreed between the parties)
  13. Communication Channel
    This Program shall have the access to communicate with the members through these various transmission channels, which are:
    1. Mobile app
      The mobile app will show your membership status, account, personal and car information, outlet location, total points collected and UFirst communication on promotional and marketing material. These communications will either be in the shape of push notification, SMS or UMail in which members will agree in receiving it.
    2. Web Portal
      Through the web portal, it will show your membership status, account, personal and car information, outlet location, and total points collected.
    3. Call centre
      Telephone calls shall be made from time to time if needed. The calls will be monitored if necessary and members agree that no additional notice or approval from member is required.
    4. Perodua outlets
      Our outlet frontliners shall advice and guide regarding the registration or redemption. Points earning will be processed through our authorized participated Perodua outlet only, in which members are required to show the e-card or physical membership card which need to be tally with the car that was registered under the account.
    5. Email and SMS
      To update members on the latest promotion and any Perodua or outlet information either in the form of marketing material or direct links to the site.
  14. Membership Fee (if any)
    Membership is free. However, Perodua reserves the right to review the membership and impose certain fee by giving to the members one (1) month notice in writing or through other communication channel.
  15. Account Authentication, Confidentiality and Contacts Update
    You shall provide a complete and accurate information for the creation, authentication or update of your UFirst account in using the full features of the Programme. We may decline your registration or authentication if the information provided has been registered or invalid. As an account owner, you shall not permit any person to use your login ID, password or any other form of authorization we may provide to you. In relation to that, you are solely responsible for any activity carried on under your account including and not limited to misuse of your login ID, password etc and any damages caused therefrom.
  16. Campaign Management (Disclaimer)
    If you join any campaign that was implemented by Perodua through UFirst, you are advised to read and understand the campaign’s term and condition before accepting and being bound by that.
  17. Variation
    Perodua management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, including but not limited to modifying, adding or deleting any term and/or condition provided herein without any prior notice.
  18. GST Compliance
    Any transaction or spending at authorized participated Perodua outlet is subject to 6% GST. Any GST amount paid does not carry any point nor add value to the cumulative points collected. The gift or merchandize that was offered through UFirst program is also subject to GST but that amount will be absorbed by Perodua UFirst.
  19. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
    Perodua shall perform its obligations under this Terms and Conditions in compliance with all applicable laws on privacy and data protection laws relating to collection, storage, use, processing or possession of personal information.
  20. Enquiry / Maintenance
    For any enquiry with regards to registration, points, redemption and also on-going campaign, do contact us during working hours from 9am – 5pm (Monday to Friday, excluding public and state holiday):

    General Care Line: 1800-88-6600
    Email: UFirst@perodua.com.my
    Website: www.UFirst.com.my
    Mailing address: Customer Management & Loyalty Marketing Division
    Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd
    Sungai Choh, Locked Bag 226,
    48009 Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
  21. Liability & Indemnity
    1. You agree that the use of the UFirst website portal, your username, password and apps by you or your representatives are at your own risk. Any content downloaded or collected and how it was used is under your own risk and Perodua shall not be held liable to you or to any third party for any damage or loss caused to you, your computer or mobile phones as a result of your usage of the website or apps.
    2. You agree that you register as UFirst Member out of your own free will. You shall be solely responsible for any damage, fines, penalties, loss, injury, death or damage to property that may arise directly or indirectly suffered by you as a result of your participation in any activities organised by UFirst and Perodua shall not be held liable to you or to any third party for any damage, fines, penalties, loss, expenses, injury, death or damage to property that may arise directly or indirectly suffered by you.
    3. All members shall hereby be fully liable and fully indemnify Perodua against all claims, damages, liabilities, penalties, costs, expenses (including and without limitation to legal fees and disbursements on a full indemnity basis) or loss in monetary form or otherwise, or loss of reputation, confidential information, goodwill or image of Perodua which Perodua may suffer, incur or sustain as a result of acts, omissions of the member or in consequence of or in relation to any breaches of any of the terms and conditions contained herein and/or failure to adhere to the specific regulations by the member or its representative(s) knowingly or otherwise which were set for particular campaigns and promotions which will be conducted by Perodua.
  22. Independent Party
    Nothing contained herein shall authorize you to act as our agent or representative nor shall it create a relationship of employer and employee or principal and agent between the parties hereto nor bind or commit us to an obligation to any third party nor shall this Appointment be deemed to establish a joint venture or partnership.
  23. Suspension or Termination
    • UFirst may suspend or terminate your membership and deny access to your membership account immediately if:-
      • You breach the terms & conditions of the membership or any laws or rules governing the country;
      • UFirst is unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us when you initially sign up as member or in the course of using the website; or
      • UFirst believe that your action(s) may cause disharmony or disunity among members or may cause legal liability to you, Perodua or other members.
      • The member commits any act or conduct which in UFirst’s or Perodua’s absolute discretion or opinion deems prejudicial to Perodua, UFirst or its member
    • Should UFirst elect to suspend, terminate or restrict your membership, you may be prohibited from accessing the websites temporarily or permanently. In either case, you must not apply for a new Member account.
  24. Notification of Change
    You should always ensure that you provide us with your most updated and current personal particulars and information concerning your mailing and correspondence/permanent address, contact number, electronic mail address and other required details in order to ensure that your records with us are kept up to date, complete and accurate. We shall not be held responsible for any notice being sent to wrong address as a result of your failure to update your address with us. Any notice given by us shall be deemed given to you if sent by electronic or postal mail to the last known mailing/correspondence address of you, the Member as shown in our records. We shall NOT accept any notification of addresses' (business, office, residential or correspondence address) bearing a Post Box ("P.O. Box") number.
  25. Conflict between English and Other
    If there is any conflict, inconsistency or discrepancy between the English text of terms and conditions of this Agreement and any translation thereof, the English text shall prevail.